Genshin Impact Lynette release date speculation, build, and lore

Who is Genshin Impact’s Lynette, and when might we see her release into the game? Read on to find out what we know about the face of Fontaine.

Genshin Impact Lynette's official art showing her wearing a black leotard

A name you may or may not recognise is Genshin Impact’s Lynette, a mysterious upcoming character in the region after our Sumeru adventures wrap up. We see her briefly in the Teyvat Chapter Storyline preview, in the Fontaine snippet, alongside a character in a top hat. They are Lyney and Lynette, and may function as Genshin’s first duo characters.

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Before we get to Fontaine, let’s look at Genshin Impact’s Lynette.

Who is Genshin Impact’s Lynette?

Lynette appears alongside Genshin Impact’s Lyney in the Teyvat Chapter preview, and seems to have either the short or tall female model – we’re not quite sure yet. She has feline ears, a long tail, grey-blonde hair, and pale skin. She has a star mark on her cheek, which is in contrast to the teardrop on Lyney.

She’s dressed in a vaudevillian style, with a corset, skirt, and a teal-lined cape, which is a matching counterpart to Lyney’s maroon accents.

According to some leaks – though not entirely reliable, Lynette is getting her own character sheet and kit, though this is just speculation. Currently, there are no hints as to whether she will be a four-star, a five-star, or even a part of Lyney’s abilities.

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What is Genshin Impact Lynette’s build?

Not too much is known about Lynette’s build, other than she is confirmed to use anemo. As for weapon, skills, and constellation upgrades – we need to wait for more information. Her constellation is Felis Alba.

What is Genshin Impact Lynette’s connection to Lyney?

Lynette and Lyney are a mysterious pair. They are a magician duo, a performer couple. We don’t know yet if they are related, but given that only Lynette has feline traits, this is unlikely despite their matching blonde hair.

They could represent a new style of character, where they work as a duo and take the field at the same time. The last big shake-up that gameplay had was the release of the Dendro element, so it would be nice to have a new twist added in later patches.

If they’re not separate units, there’s always the chance that Lynette is part of Lyney’s kit. Puppets and deployable creatures are by no means out of the question; Genshin Impact’s Fischl has her raven Oz, and Genshin Impact’s Xiangling has Guoba, which pop out and deal their own damage. It could be a possibility that Lynette is part of Lyney’s burst. It could mean that the two swap out to use different weapons depending on the skill used, much like Genshin Impact Childe or Raiden’s bursts.

There have also been rumors of a connection to a Fatui Harbinger: Marionette. Khanri’an and Fatui technology have been amalgamated and spread across Teyvat, including Fontaine. This could suggest that the two are in the same situation as Marionette and her puppet, though this has not shown up in leaks or lore. The latest trailer seems to push this theory aside, however, given Arlecchino’s appearance.

When will Genshin Impact’s Lynette release?

The previous characters seen in the same Teyvat Chapter preview video have all been released alongside their respective regions – Kamisato Ayaka and Cyno came with the debut of Inazuma and Sumeru, whereas Diluc and Ningguang launched with the game for Mondstadt and Liyue.

This tells us that we will likely see Lynette (and Lyney) sooner rather than later in the Fontaine patches – likely 4.0. They both have drip marketing available now, showing us they’re getting close.

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