Honkai Star Rail Gepard build

Our Honkai Star Rail Gepard build guide will help you stand tall, stand proud, as you shape up to be the number one recruit of the Silvermane Guards.

Honkai Star Rail Gepard wearing a white jacket

The Silvermane Guards are not to be trifled with, and that’s mostly due to their formidable captain, Honkai Star Rail’s Gepard. This upstanding young man may look as cold as the ice he wields, but his sense of duty to both his work and the guards he oversees is admirable. Gepard suggests that loyalty isn’t an inherent virtue of humans and that, as such, the recipient of that loyalty needs to prove themselves worthy.

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Here’s everything you need to know about Honkai Star Rail’s Gepard.

What’s the best Honkai Star Rail Gepard build?

Honkai Star Rail’s Gepard dishes out some great ice damage and has the ability to freeze enemies, but we believe he truly excels in a tank sub-DPS role. His ultimate offers an extremely strong shield to help his allies get out of all manner of sticky situations, and his passive allows him to hop back into the game for a last stand when he’s struck with a killing blow. As such, he slips into just about any team that needs a little extra protection, especially with a high-impact DPS like Honkai Star Rail’s Blade, whose damage hinges on him sacrificing portions of his health.

We recommend building Gepard with as much defense and HP as possible. Aside from that, you should focus on increasing his attack, energy restoration, and ice damage.

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What are the best light cones for Honkai Star Rail’s Gepard?

Moment of Victory is a five-star light cone tailored to Gepard’s kit. Its skill compliments his being in a tank role, as it increases his defense and taunts enemies, allowing him to absorb hits so his teammates can survive longer.

If the RNG gods don’t smile on you and you can’t get your hands on Moment of Victory, feel free to equip Gepard with any light cone that increases his defense. Just make sure that it aligns with the path of the Preservation in order to activate its skill.

Light cone Effect How to obtain
Moment of Victory (five-star) Increases Gepard’s defense by 20% and his effect hit rate by 20% when attacking. Increases the chance of enemies attacking Gepard instead of allies. When Gepard is attacked by enemies, his defense increases by an additional 20% until the end of his turn Gacha
Day One of My New Life (four-star) Increases Gepard’s defense by 16%. After he enters battle, allies’ damage resistance raises by 8%. Effects cannot stack Gacha
Amber (three-star) Increases Gepard’s defense by 16%. If his current HP is less than 50%, his defense increases by a further 16% Gacha

What are the best relics for Honkai Star Rail’s Gepard?

We recommend equipping Gepard with the Knight of Purity Palace relic set as it further enhances his tanking abilities. When it comes to substats, you should prioritize defense above all else, then aim to increase his HP, ice damage, attack, and energy restoration. You can mix and match Knight of Purity Palace with Guard of Wuthering Snow to buff Gepard’s defense and reduce the damage taken.

As a tank, the best planar ornament set for Gepard is Belobog of the Architects. It might take you a while to unlock this set, so you can use Fleet of the Ageless in the meantime to buff his HP.

Relic Effect How to obtain
Knight of Purity Palace Two pieces equipped: Increases defense by 15%
Four pieces equipped: when Gepard creates a shield, it can absorb an additional 20% max damage
Cavern of Corrosion: Path of Holy Hymn in the Xianzhou Luofu’s Cloudford
Guard of Wuthering Snow Two pieces equipped: Reduces damage taken by 8%
Four pieces equipped: at the beginning of the turn, if Gepard’s HP is equal to or less than 50% of his max HP, he restores HP equal to 8% of his max HP and regenerates five energy
Cavern of Corrosion: Path of Providence in Jarilo-VI’s Everwinter Hill

Planar ornaments

Relic Effect How to obtain
Belobog of the Architects Two pieces equipped: increases Gepard’s defense by 15%. When Gepard’s effect hit rate is 50% or higher, he gains an extra 15% defense Immersion Reward devices in World 6 of the Simulated Universe
Fleet of the Ageless Two pieces equipped: increases Gepard’s max HP by 12%. When his speed reaches 120 or higher, all allies’ attack increases by 8% Immersion Reward Devices in World 3 of the Simulated Universe

Relic stat recommendations

Main stats:

  • Body: HP
  • Feet: HP
  • Link rope: Attack
  • Planar sphere: Ice damage increase


  • HP
  • Attack
  • Energy restoration

What are Honkai Star Rail’s Gepard’s abilities?

Here’s what you can expect from Gepard’s ice skills and shield abilities.

Active skills:

Skill Effect
Basic attack: Fist of Conviction Deal 50% of Gepard’s attack as ice damage to a target enemy
Skill: Daunting Smite (impair) Deal 100% of Gepard’s attack as ice damage to a target enemy. At the same time, there’s a 65% base chance to freeze that enemy for one turn. While frozen, the enemy can’t move and takes 30% of Gepard’s attack as ice DoT each turn
Ultimate: Enduring Bulwark (defense) Apply a shield to all allies, absorbing damage equal to 30% of Gepard’s defense plus 150 for three turns


Skill Effect
Unyielding Will When struck with a killing blow, instead of becoming capacitated, Gepard’s HP immediately restores back to 30% of his max HP. This effect can only trigger once per battle


Skill Effect
Comradery (defense) For the next battle after Gepard uses his technique, the defense of all allies increases by 24% of Gepard’s defense plus 150 for two turns


Trace Effect
Integrity (unlocked at ascension two) Gepard has a higher chance to be attacked by enemies
Commander (unlocked at ascension four) After Gepard triggers ‘Unyielding Will’, his energy restores to 100%
Fighting Spirit (unlocked at ascension six) Gepard’s attack increases by 35% of his current defense. This refreshes at the beginning of each turn

What are Honkai Star Rail Gepard’s eidolons?

Honkai Star Rail eidolons, much like Genshin Impact constellations, are special buffs and upgrades that you unlock by obtaining more than one copy of a character. Here are all of Gepard’s eidolons.

Eidolon  Effect
Level one: Due Diligence Gepard’s basic attack has a 75% base chance to taunt the target for one turn 
Level two: Lingering Cold After an enemy frozen by Gepard’s skill is unfrozen, their speed reduces by 25% for one turn
Level three: Never Surrender Increases the level of Gepard’s ultimate by three, up to a maximum of level 15. Also increases the level of his basic attack by one, up to a maximum of level ten
Level four: Faith Moves Mountains When Gepard is in battle, all allies’ effect resistance increases by 20%
Level five: Cold Iron First Increases the level of Gepard’s skill by three, up to a maximum of level 15, and the level of his basic attack by one, up to a maximum of level ten
Level six: Unyielding Resolve When his talent triggers, Gepard’s action advances forward by 100%, and his hp restoration increases by 50% of his max HP

What are Honkai Star Rail Gepard’s ascension materials?

Gepard, as a Silvermane man, unsurprisingly needs the corresponding items to ascend. On top of these, you need a lot of horns of snow. These drop in the Robot Settlement’s Honkai Star Rail stagnant shadow domain.

Required level Credits Materials
20 3,200 Five Silvermane badge
30 6,400 Ten Silvermane badge
40 12,800 Three horns of snow and six Silvermane insignia
50 32,000 Seven horns of snow and nine Silvermane insignia
60 64,000 20 horns of snow and six Silvermane medal
70 128,000 35 horns of snow and nine Silvermane medal

Who is Honkai Star Rail’s Gepard?

Honkai Star Rail’s Gepard is the proud, honorable captain of the Silvermane Guards, and is an extremely dutiful and upstanding citizen of Belobog. He’s from the Landau family and is the brother of Honkai Star Rail’s Serval and Lynx – though his stoic, righteous demeanor contrasts Serval’s vibrant, wild personality dramatically. It’s his duty to protect the peace of everyday life, and he strives to keep his guards in line by setting a shining example and doing what he believes is right but is sometimes blinded by his own loyalties.

Gepard is a five-star ice wielder who treads the path of the Preservation. His English voice actor is Bryson Baugus, and his Japanese voice actor is Hurukawa Makoto.

Alright, soldier, that’s all we’ve got on Honkai Star Rail’s Gepard. Head over to our list of the best games like Genshin Impact and try something new today – or, you can grab these Genshin Impact codes and check out our Genshin Impact tier list.