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Meet the team behind Pocket Tactics and put some (pixelated) faces to the names

Pocket Tactics aims to give you everything you need to get the best out of mobile gaming. We’re dedicated to providing guides to all the biggest games, comprehensive lists to help you pick something new to play, reviews of the latest releases as soon as possible to inform you before you buy, and news coverage to keep you right up to date.

We have a dedicated and passionate editorial team, and a great group of freelancers, and we’re doing everything we can to make the best site possible. If you have any feedback – good or bad – please do get in touch.


Feedback, game tips, and kind words of encouragement are all welcome…

Ruby Spiers-Unwin – Editor

A lover of all things JRPG, Ruby loves to replay classic Final Fantasy titles, Pokémon, and Digimon on Nintendo Switch.
[email protected]

Kayleigh Partleton – Deputy Editor

An RPG fanatic, Kayleigh loves taking long walks with Geralt of Rivia and Roach. If she’s not visiting The Continent, she’s probably losing on Wild Rift.
[email protected]

Tilly Lawton – Guides Editor

Still not over her Kingdom Hearts phase, Tilly is constantly in search of the next big RPG or MMO to share her paopu fruit with. She plans on permanently moving to Stardew Valley someday.
[email protected]

Nathan Ellingsworth – Staff Writer

Nintendo and Pokémon obsessed, Nathan’s main reason for working here is because conversation was getting increasingly difficult anywhere else. Ask him about his cute dogs.
[email protected]

Connor Christie – Staff Writer

An avid turn-taker and deck-maker, Connor is a big Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh fan. He’s also partial to a good sports game, but isn’t willing to divulge how many hours he’s clocked in on Mario Tennis Aces.
[email protected]

Ben Johnson – Staff Writer

A big fan of most genres, Ben loves everything Nintendo, giant JRPGs, dense strategy games, and making bread. Don’t ask him about music.
[email protected]

Daz Skubich – Staff Writer

Daz can be found going for full combos in Project SEKAI and Taiko no Tatsujin or falling off cliffs in Genshin Impact’s Teyvat. They also love all things Pokémon, Splatoon, and Overwatch 2.
[email protected]

Holly Alice – Staff Writer

Holly can often be found collecting mushrooms in an open-world game or building her latest Genshin Impact characters. She’s been a Nintendo fan since birth and is a sucker for farming games.
[email protected]

Adam Randall – Ecommerce Writer

A lifelong Nintendo fan who’s played every console since the NES and now writes about games and hardware for a living. Wow. It’s on like Don – oh wait, that phrase is trademarked.
[email protected]om


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Corporate information

Pocket Tactics relaunched in 2020 and is a fully owned-and-operated subsidiary of Network N Media Limited. We’re the biggest mobile games site in the world and more recently started to dabble in Nintendo Switch content as well.

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